Kabul Suicide Bombings: 12 US Soldiers Killed, 15 Wounded, 60 Dead, 140 Wounded Overall

even conservative ME analysts are missing the root cause of a very old problem. ...

ISIS is back thanks to Joe Biden: The worst report possible emerges from Afghanistan

the Afghanistan branch of the Islamic State terror poses a significant threat to retreating American troops...

China Preparing to Recognize Taliban if Kabul Falls

What happens to the Middle East if/when the Taliban takes over Afghanistan? ...

How Old Obama/Biden politics in Ramallah, Gaza, Jerusalem and Washington have set Israel ablaze

JNS: After one of the calmest extended periods in decades in the Middle East—and in Israel, in particular—the tide has suddenly turned, reverting to classic...

Damascus And Moscow Prepare For (ISIS) Spring Cleaning In Central Syria

It is no coincidence that ISIS is popping up in the news now that the US is bowing to Iran's nuclear ambitions ...

Killing the Republic – Trump As Tiberius Gracchus

Donald Trump touched the 3rd rail of the Democrat Party.

Leftists, Never Trumpers Begin Compiling Lists of Trump Supporters

Progressive nut-jobs want to archive so-called Trump sycophants ...

US Embassy Siege in Baghdad Led by Obama Associate

It was May 19, 2011 when Barack Obama told the world that Israel should commit national suicide ...

Refugee Camp ISIS Child Tells UK Reporter ‘We Will Slaughter You’

To read western reports on Islamic terror groups one gets the impression that the hatred began with Israel's statehood ...