Killing the Republic – Trump As Tiberius Gracchus

Donald Trump touched the 3rd rail of the Democrat Party.

Leftists, Never Trumpers Begin Compiling Lists of Trump Supporters

Progressive nut-jobs want to archive so-called Trump sycophants ...

US Embassy Siege in Baghdad Led by Obama Associate

It was May 19, 2011 when Barack Obama told the world that Israel should commit national suicide ...

Refugee Camp ISIS Child Tells UK Reporter ‘We Will Slaughter You’

To read western reports on Islamic terror groups one gets the impression that the hatred began with Israel's statehood ...

Turkey’s Erdogan warns that it can release ISIS prisoners back to Europe

Yesterday Erdogan was in the White House just weeks after unleashing violence against US-allied US forces in Syria ...

ISIS Caliph Is Dead – But Who Was Protecting Him?

Finally, someone is questioning the 'Sultan' of Turkey ...

Al-Baghdadi ‘Died Like a Dog’; ‘Whimpering, Crying, Screaming All the Way’

So, is terrorism dead and has the prophetic scenario changed? ...

Pence holds frosty meeting with Erdogan in bid for Syria border ceasefire

President Trump appears unaware of the prophetic implications to his decision ...

Trump Sends Emergency Delegation to Turkey Amid Bloody Offensive in Syria

The delegation will seek to "achieve a deal" in the coming days to end the full-scale battle that erupted ...