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America Becoming the Bud Light of the World Stage

In America's slow and painful demise into sexual deviancy on the world stage all roads lead back to Barack Obama ...

Huge transgender student pummels schoolgirls after entering female locker room

Social media videos showed pieces of the action, in which smaller, female students fight a much larger opponent ...

China, Brazil strike deal to ditch dollar for trade

China has similar currency deals with Russia, Pakistan and several other countries ...

State Dept. funds left-wing group behind protests against Israeli prime minister

MQG has operated since 1990 -has stoked anti-Netanyahu protests that have been slammed in Israel ...

JPMorgan Says Fed’s Loans Will Provide $2 Trillion of Liquidity To Banks

Is the “net worth” of the US Federal Reserve -1.1 Trillion dollars? ...

Biden congratulates Netanyahu, says US continues to support 2-state solution

Whenever a progressive politician speaks of 'unbreakable bonds' with the Jewish state you can bet the end result will be ...