Pope Francis cautions against nationalism, recent political rhetoric echoed ‘Hitler in 1934’

Any reference to Hitler with regards to immigrants is patently dishonest ...

Pope: Jews Living in Judea, Israel Bad for ‘Regional Stability’

Someone should remind the pontiff that he is supposed to be Judaeo-Christian not Islamic-Christian....

Renowned Catholic British writer, a virulent anti-Semite, being considered for sainthood

G.K. Chesterton advocated for Jews to wear distinctive clothing ...

Pope Francis Compares Trump to Herod, Who Tried to Kill Jesus

In our book Antichrist: The Search for Amalek, Herod the Great has the distinction of his own chapter ...

The Gospel of Socialism? Pope Francis Decries Tax Cuts for the Wealthy as Sinful

In what sounded more like a document written by the United Nations than a Papal address ...

Pope hangs image of nude Jesus caressing Judas behind his desk

Deception is first warning Jesus gave to His disciples ...

Pope Warns: Populism Is ‘Weakening the Multilateral System’

The Roman pontiff not only ignores Biblical history, but secular history as well as ...

Thermal Camera System To Keep Apartment Residents Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic

Keeping us safe, or the rush to global government?

Trump Responds To Backlash Over ‘Disloyalty’ Comment, Stirs More Controversy

That the Democrats would be upset by something this president said or tweets is now cliche ...