SUNDAY STUDY: Purim, sunset March 16 to sunset, March 17, 2022

Purim reminds us that even when it seems like God isn’t present in our times of tragedy...

SUNDAY STUDY: Put on the Full Armor of God

We don’t have to be defeated by Satan’s devices or by his power and cunning...

To Our Readers

we will have to take a break from posting for at least one week...

SUNDAY STUDY: God’s Will vs. Satan’s Will

...these are the only two choices available to mankind.

SUNDAY STUDY: Sharing Your Faith With Loved Ones

it’s the Lord who draws people to Himself for salvation (John 6:44)...

Sunday Study: WHO IS HASHEM?

No passage in Scripture instructs us not to use His name...

SUNDAY STUDY: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022! A Spiritual Self-Exam

Do you admit and confess your sin? Do you see a decreasing pattern of sin in your life? Do you maintain a clear conscience?

Sunday Study: What We Do the Day after Christmas

Jesus came on a mission to go to the cross. He came to die and defeat death for our salvation..
chain breaking

SUNDAY STUDY: How To Overcome Habitual Sin

How did Christ overcome when tempted? By the Word of God...