Saturday, September 30, 2023
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House Committee Passes Anti-CBDC Bill

How many, if any, of these pieces of legislation will end up passing the House, let alone...

UNESCO classifies ancient Jericho as ‘Palestinian heritage site’

Joe Biden rejoined UNESCO July 2023...

Biden Admin, Lawmakers Bullish on Expanding Abraham Accords

Saudi Arabia is reportedly seeking security guarantees...

The world’s UFO hotspots are revealed

I'm not buying the little green men theory...

Biden Nominates Former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew as US Ambassador to Israel

Having served under Clinton and Obama raises 5 red flags:..

Compass Intl: The Latter Day Unveiling By Jesus Christ

In a recent Lifeway poll they found only 2% of churches in the USA teach Bible prophecy...

Hamas Chief Blames Arab Crime Wave in Israel on ‘Zionist Occupation’

The terror business took a big leap in 2021...

Do Obama’s obsessions explain Biden’s Iran appeasement?

If I could only choose 3 pictures that characterize Obama's deep anti-Semitism...

A Letter From Ken Timmerman: Paying ransom for hostages is always a bad idea

Paying ransom for hostages is always a bad idea...