Friday, July 10, 2020

#7: Huge Blast Rocks Tehran Area

Al-Arabiya reported that the explosions occurred in missile depots belonging to the IRGCsouthwest of Tehran. Read More

Deceptive quiet: IDF prepares for conflict with Gaza

Six years after Operation Protective Edge, the IDF remains vigilant and constantly prepares for the next round of fighting with Hamas. Read More

‘Israel’s Oracle’ Delivers Big Message from God: “Messiah is Here!”

Daniel was born with autism and does not have the ability to communicate verbally. Read More

Progressive Democrats Threaten Cut-Off of Military Aid to Israel

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leads the anti-Israel campaign in Congress. Read More  

Iran Warns Israel: Taking Credit for Nuclear Explosions Seen as ‘Red Line’

Iran on Tuesday warned Israel against creating “norm-breaking narratives” regarding attacks on its nuclear facilities, saying that doing so crossed a “red line.” Read More

Iran Sees 6th Deadly ‘Mystery’ Explosion In Weeks At Industrial Zone Near Tehran

Five recent explosions in Iran may have been caused by computer viruses similar to the Stuxnet virus that disabled Iranian centrifuges in 2010. Read More

Abbas Furious as PA Banks Refuse to Pay Terrorist Salaries

They prepared a net for my feet to ensnare me; they dug a pit for me, but they fell into it. Selah. (Psalm 57:7) Read...

Following Intense Pressure, Tehran ‘Could Respond, Make Mistakes’

“Until today, the leading assessment was that Iran will not take extreme steps before the US presidential elections in November. Read More

Ofek 16 Spy Satellite Launched from Israel

‘Allows Us to Look Anywhere in the Middle East ... Read More