SUNDAY STUDY: Why Satan Believes He Must Destroy Israel

...the survival of Israel results in the eternal perdition of Satan. How can this be?
chain breaking

SUNDAY STUDY: How To Overcome Habitual Sin

How did Christ overcome when tempted? By the Word of God...

SUNDAY STUDY: Humans Invented Clothing 120,000 Years Ago?

When did clothing first originate? Well, that depends on your worldview.

SUNDAY STUDY: What On Earth Is God Doing?

Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door...

SUNDAY STUDY: What does “Believe In Your Heart” mean?

If I were not a Christian and you were to explain the gospel to me what would you say?
woman being baptized

SUNDAY STUDY: Christian Persecution in Cuba

The church in Cuba has suffered great repression and persecution since the communist rule instigated by Castro...

SUNDAY STUDY: Does God Call Everyone?

all who join with Jesus by faith also become elect...
new white robe on man

SUNDAY STUDY: Becoming A New Creation

Sometimes we sow the seed, other times we water it; but God must give the increase...

Sunday Study: Our Kinsman Redeemer

the Supreme Court decision of a convicted criminal that illustrates the free gift of redemption and our acceptance or rejection of it...