SUNDAY STUDY: Inheriting Adam’s Sin Nature

Adam's first sin transformed his inner nature, that now depraved nature was also transmitted to his posterity...

SUNDAY STUDY: The Two-Fold Work of Grace

Love is a 'fruit' rather than a 'gift'. If we use spiritual gifts without love...
five christian crowns

Sunday Study: The Five Christian Crowns

Christians will stand before Christ, that each one may receive what is due ...
temple on fire

SUNDAY STUDY: Tisha B’Av Begins At Sundown Tonight – Sundown Sunday

one day this very fast would become a cheerful feast for the Jewish people...
arrows missing target

SUNDAY STUDY: Missing the Mark

Jesus offers a higher standard of conduct by which believers are to live...
Jesus on white horse

SUNDAY STUDY: Christ and Antichrist

the Bereans also checked it against what the Apostle Paul taught them in order to...
nails and crown of thorns

SUNDAY STUDY: Why did Jesus Have to Suffer and Die?

In this age of Grace, we have such a candy-coated perception of sin that we’ve forgotten how much God hates it. He HATES it.

Sunday Study: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! 2021

We all have a need to be loved, cherished, protected, and valued...
Jesus on cross

SUNDAY STUDY: Why God Will Never Divorce Israel, Part 2

Israel is literally and permanently chosen...