Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Two State Solution

Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast October 22-29

Examining current events in the light of God's prophetic word ...

Palestinian Government Still Pays Terrorists as US Aid Dollars Flow

the Taylor Force Act passed in 2018, banned the State Department from allocating aid to the Palestinian government ...

Americans prefer Arab extremists to Jewish ones in Israeli governments

I can’t help but connect Ben-Gvir with two other radicals who would also be banned from the Knesset today ...

The world says: Lapid’s support for a 2-state solution is laudable…and very late

When a Jewish leader agrees with Joe Biden on Middle East policy, take the other side of the argument ...

Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast September 24 – Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah 2022 ...

Jordanian King Warns Israeli PM at UN

You have to be amazed at the chutzpah of the King of Jordan ...

Jihad and Peace: When apples grow on cherry trees

Even the slightest chance of achieving peace, let alone a “two-state solution,” with a society that promotes murder and welcomes martyrdom is laughable ...

The way is being paved for the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine plan

That a two-state solution has been in place since 1922 is lost even on Israeli leaders ...