Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Palestinian president calls on world to protect 2-state solution

In an address to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Abbas called on states that believe in the two-state solution "to come to the defense of that solution" and recognize the state of Palestine. (for post and opinion click the headline link ...

Palestinian Statehood: Basic Principles Of Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian Peace Initiative

President Trump said this: "I want to give peace a shot before I even think of the embassy" ...

Saudi schools teach that Jews and Christians are accursed and Muslims must kill Jews

The USA love affair with Saudi Arabia cuts across both sides of the political isle ,,,

Paradigm shift: The Two State Solution Has Been In Place Since 1922

The problem with “the two-state solution” —creating a sovereign independent Palestinian state west of the Jordan River—is that a Palestinian state already exists east of the Jordan River; it’s called Jordan ...

UNESCO Declares Hebron an Endangered Palestinian Site

The part that is difficult to understand is - why would Muslims want any connection to Jacob?

White House video shows Israel without Golan and West Bank

A screen shot from a White House video promoting US President Trumps first visit overseas ...

Trump’s Plan For Mideast Peace Fades

Mr. Trump got caught in the ultimate deal from day one ...


According to media reports, Trump told Abbas – whose legal term in office ended eight years ago – that he views him as a legitimate leader. (for post and opinion click the headline link ...

Is President el-Sisi about to broker major breakthrough in the Arab-Israeli peace process?

I am somewhat baffled by Rosenberg's excitement for the prospect of a ME peace deal ...