Trucker Horns Blasting In Ottawa – Shofars In Jericho; Bringing Down Trudeau Like The Walls


And when a long blast is sounded on the shofar—as soon as you hear that sound of the shofar—all the people shall give a mighty shout. Thereupon the city wall will collapse, and the people shall advance, every man straight ahead.” Joshua 6:5 (The Israel BibleTM)

On Sunday, Pastor Henry Hildebrand addressed the massive gathering of people who joined with the Freedom Convoy of trucks at Parliament Hill in Ottawa to protest the government’s mandate requiring truckers to be vaccinated.

Inspired by the enthusiastically honking trucks, Pastor Hildebrandt compared the convoy to the Biblical story of Jericho.

“I say Jericho did not know who had come to Jericho, and there was quite a bit of honking there as well,” Pastor Hildebrandt said, referring to the story of Joshua leading the Hebrews against the city with blasts from shofars.

“I have heard the trumpet blowing this week,” the pastor continued. “This week has been ordained of God. This happening is God-ordained, and it is not just for Canada; it is global. It is prophetic. God is in it. Long before man plans a reset, God is resetting. Never underestimate God’s mighty power.”

The pastor emphasized that just as the shofars brought down the might walls of Jericho, allowing the Children of Israel to conquer the city, the horns of the truck would bring down the government and its pandemic decrees.

“Mr. Prime Minister, if you don’t want to heed to the word of God; if you don’t want to heed to the 25 bible verses that are engraved (in the Parliament), you might have a fringe come and knock at your door.”

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