Trudeau’s ‘conversion therapy’ ban could result in parents being jailed


Assessment: Bill C-4 would punish anyone helping children or others with gender confusion or unwanted same-sex attraction with jail time of up to five years … 

Canada’s national pro-life organization Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) warned that a radical pro-LGBT bill banning so-called “conversion therapy” in all its forms could lead to parents and pastors being jailed.

Bill C-4 was passed without debate last Wednesday with sweeping bipartisan support, after Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament Rob Moore successfully motioned to have the bill “fast-tracked” to the Senate.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting” Romans 1:28

In essence, Bill C-4 would punish anyone helping children or others with gender confusion or unwanted same-sex attraction with jail time of up to five years.

In a new video titled, “Trudeau Liberals admit ‘conversion therapy’ ban can put parents & pastors in jail,” CLC showed past video clips of Trudeau ministers speaking about previous iterations of Bill C-4.

CLC linked what Liberal party ministers have said in the past about its attempts at so called “conversion therapy” legislation, to what could happen today should Bill C-4 become law.

On March 9, 2020, then Justice Minister David Lametti was asked by reporters if the first attempt at a conversion therapy ban with Bill C-8 “would make it illegal for religious leaders to condemn homosexuality.”

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