Trump-Abbas press conference: US urges PA to make peace, as Abbas sticks to ’67 borders


YNet News: US President Donald Trump met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Washington Wednesday. The two are set to discuss furthering the Israel-Palestinian peace process, improving the Palestinian economy and the issue of the PA’s continued funding of the families of killed or convicted terrorists serving out a prison sentence in Israel.

Trump opened Wednesday’s joint press conference with Abbas by repeating his commitment toward brokering a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

He urged Abbas to work with his administration to acheiving this goal, before emphasizing that the US is ready to help the Palestinians develop and improve their economy. more …

Opinion: Deja vu, the only change is the US President:

  1. Abbas seeks East Jerusalem (Temple Mount) as a Palestinian capital
  2. Return to the 1967 borders
  3. End of (so called) occupation of Judea and Samaria making the West Bank cities 100% Arab

Conspicuously absent:

  1. Palestinian Authority payments to terrorists
  2. Palestinian Authority to recognize Israel’s right to exist
  3. Abbas has not stood for election since 2009
  4. Abbas’ lack of authority within his own party
  5. Abbas’ lack of authority with Hamas

The 5000 pound canary remains – the US embassy.

President Obama signed his final waiver of the Jerusalem Embassy Act on December 1, 2016. Therefore the next presidential waiver — if there is one — must be signed by June 1, 2017.

(note, in an earlier post I reported the Embassy Act waiver must be signed by May 1)


  1. Thanks for clarifying that, Author. I wondered about that – but now things make a lot more sense. Wow. VERY interesting. Timing is everything. Maranatha!

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