Trump Already Creating More Jobs Than Obama


Infowars: “Since Trump won, companies like Carrier, Ford, Softbank, US Steel, and now Alibaba have all pledged to collectively bring over a million jobs to the US, which surpasses Obama’s 800,000, a claim recently made by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

In other words, Trump is on track to save more jobs than Obama has in two terms and he hasn’t even been sworn in yet.”

Opinion: What has changed? The US corporate tax rate is still the highest in the world. Thousands of pages of anti-business regulations are still on the books and you know who is still in office.

What is so astounding is that just the promise of lowering the highest corporate tax rate in the world, and to get rid of thousands of job-killing regulations is bringing a flood of money and jobs back to America, a concept that the left has never understood.

The Obama Cabinet had the fewest business people of any presidency ever.

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