Trump Campaign Evangelical Adviser Raises Furor With Flu Remarks


Politico: An evangelical minister who advised President Donald Trump’s campaign sparked an uproar Tuesday by suggesting that Christian faith makes people immune from the flu.

Texas minister Gloria Copeland, who sat on the Trump campaign’s evangelical executive advisory board, denied the country is in the midst of a severe flu outbreak in a Facebook video that went viral because, “Jesus himself is our flu shot. He redeemed us from the curse of the flu.” more …

Opinion: Gloria Copeland’s televangelist husband Kenneth made news recently with his shiny new $36 million dollar jet, which he acquired at the low, low bargain price of $19.6 million from movie mogul Tyler Perry.

“Are you looking at this? Hey, are you seeing this? I hope so— you bought it, you and Jesus.”

Image result for Kenneth copeland's new $36 million dollar airplane which he claims to need

This is not the first luxury private jet for the prosperity gospel huckster. In fact, Copeland and his wife Gloria own their own private airport to house their fleet of aircraft near his 18,000 square foot home where germs are not allowed.

It is little wonder that Christians are ridiculed for supporting false gospels and false teachers. It is also a clue as to where we are in relation to the appearance of the final church found in Revelation 3:14-22.

In this September 27, 2016 video, Pope Francis calls for brotherhood and unity among Christians. The scene cuts to a packed auditorium with Kenneth Copeland who invites a Catholic priest to the stage to film a message to Pope Francis. The plea is for an end to the Protestant movement with a message that ‘maybe we are all Catholics again’.

When the true church of Jesus Christ is taken up (1 Thess. 4:16-18), and the final dictator steps on to the world stage (Rev. 6:1-2), he will be a hero.

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  1. IMHO you guys are right on! Glowing examples of church small c, particularly, the Bible illiterate pope! Greed is their game, and greed is the motivation of those who continually give $$ to fill these charlaton’s coffers. They believe the pap that is spewed forth by these TV hypocrites. “If you send me $100, it will gloriously be multiplied tenfold” (way better than a stock portfolio). Kenneth Copeland is your quintessential “used car salesman.” Unfortunately, too many TBN TV personalities fit the Copeland profile.

  2. Amen, VS. And I hadn’t heard of that particular axiom but I like it. One thing I always say is don’t give someone money who doesn’t need it. Plain and simple.

    I have never trusted any television evangelists at any time in my life. They have all proven themselves to be nothing but evil, deceptive business people. I do not understand religious people who give to these deceptive human beings. Giving unto God what is God’s does not equate giving evil people lots of money. In fact, it has been complete common knowledge that TV evangelists have been easily deceiving “Christians” and other people for decades, thus performing the work of the devil. And knowing that, millions of people around the world proudly support them.

    Sending them the book of Jude, although a well-meaning thought, would prove to be futile. These people would most likely sell it for cash. What they need is to be audited. That, along with much prayer, would help put them on the right track. Television evangelists have much in common with politicians. Both make blatantly fake promises, neither can ever be trusted, all have phony smiles, all have fat bank accounts thanks to the uneducated ones who support them, and I would be surprised if either can honestly claim to have an understanding of God’s word. Trump’s long list of close TV evangelist friends is one of many reasons I have never trusted Trump. How ironic!

  3. While I understand there will always be flimflam artists, confidence men, grifters, ect., I do not understand the psychology of donating to them after you visually see the fruits of their labor (Matthew 7:16). An old axiom comes to mind: Never give your money to people with a runway in their backyard. See link:

    And here’s a message from the section of their website on giving:

    “Good Stewardship
    89% of the money received goes to ministry. Financial integrity is of utmost importance in this ministry. We don’t take your trust lightly.”

    Someone needs to send this couple the Book of Jude.

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