JPost: Last Friday, Trump spoke on the telephone with Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas is head of the PLO and the unelected dictator of the corrupt, terrorism-sponsoring, PLO-controlled Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria.

According to media reports, Trump told Abbas – whose legal term in office ended eight years ago – that he views him as a legitimate leader. According to the official White House report of the conversation, Trump also reportedly told Abbas that he supports reaching a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Such a deal, to the extent it is ever reached, involves expanding PLO control over Judea and Samaria and parts of Jerusalem at Israel’s expense.

Trump also invited Abbas for an official visit to Washington. And the day after they spoke, the Trump administration moved $250 million in US taxpayer dollars to Abbas’s police state where for the past 25 years, Abbas and his cronies have enriched themselves while feeding a steady diet of antisemitic, anti-American jihadist bile to their impoverished subjects. more …

Opinion: Uh oh. There are few people that understand the ancient covenant that God made with Abraham, and even fewer that care.

Most shrug it off despite clear historic calamities that have caused leaders to stumble (George W.  Bush/Ariel Sharon’s Gaza land for peace deal) and empires (Britain after creating Jordan in 1924 from Israeli-designated land) to begin to crumble.

We have posted the warning (recent Vatican sex scandal in Italy following Francis’ embrace of Abbas) found in Genesis 12:3 thousands of times, but the world is growing more secular day by day.

The allure of making the most difficult and biggest deal in history may cause Donald Trump to stumble, and if so, Making America Great Again, will go into the ash heap of history as just another campaign slogan.

Antisemitism is rising all over the world. The only person standing in the way of a major escalation of Jewish hatred is President Trump, and if he fails, America fails.

Obadiah 1:6 warns that Esau’s cunning must be searched for. Abbas has convinced the world that he is a legitimate president in search for peace.

He is neither, and the fate of America hangs in the balance.