Trump, Gore Meet on Climate After Talks Opened With Ivanka



Bloomberg News: “Donald Trump met in New York Monday with Al Gore to discuss an issue the Republican president-elect has long scoffed at: Global warming.

The president-elect has sent mixed signals on the issue, and Ivanka Trump plans to make global warming one of her key issues once he takes office, according to the news site Politico.”

Opinion: Whoa, Nellie! I have been mostly standing aside on Trump’s Cabinet picks, even Mitt Romney, because any CEO knows he must pick people he trusts.

But Al Gore, the high priest of climate change, is a different story.

In 2009 Al predicted that by 2014 there would be stronger and more powerful hurricanes, melting  glaciers and rising sea levels. Gore devoted numerous pages to Gulf States’ devastation caused by Katrina in his book “An Inconvenient Truth”.

None of Al’s predictions happened, but what did happen is that Al got very rich promoting green energy companies.

What is concerning here is that it appears to be Ivanka who has her father’s ear, and is getting him involved much the same way that he mentioned support for child-care programs and stay-at-home Moms that almost got the left to like him.

Maybe Ivanka, who is an Orthodox Jew should read Genesis 8:22.

Here we thought that the climate change hoax was over.