Trump: Jared Kushner will ‘broker Mideast peace’ for the White House


JPost:The Times offered no further details on the matter from their interview. But the president-elect, who will be inaugurated as America’s 45th president on Friday, has repeatedly discussed his interest in securing a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians– an agreement he has referred to as the deal of all deals.

Kushner has no previous diplomatic experience, but steered Trump’s foreign policy throughout his presidential campaign and subsequent presidential transition. He was the primary drafter of Trump’s speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which drew positive feedback from the crowd.”

Opinion: Hmmm. We have covered this ground several times over the course of the Trump campaign. The Bible records that peace between Israel and her neighbors will happen twice but the first peace will be a deception.

“Then he (Antichrist) shall confirm a covenant with many for one week (7 years); But in the middle of the week (3.5 years) He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.”

In a foreshadowing of a future global dictator, when Muhammad took his new religion to the Jewish people his writings were warm, even calling them the people of the book. After a time his teaching was rejected and as the Egyptian writer Noni Darwish wrote: “Mohammed never got over his anger, humiliation, and rejection by “the people of the book” and went to his grave tormented and obsessed that some Jews were still alive.  On his deathbed, Mohammed entrusted Muslims to kill Jews wherever they found them, which made this a “holy commandment” that no Muslim can reject.”

After the future war of Gog and Magog, the Jewish people will know that it was only God that saved them from certain death and will return to covenant relationship. They will seek a temple for sacrifice and offering, and a powerful leader will broker the ultimate deal: peace between Israel and her neighbors.

Since the Holy Spirit (2 Thess. 2:7) and the Church will have been removed prior to the seven years, there will be no one to warn the people on earth of this leader’s identity and a false sense of peace will prevail.

And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate, Even until the consummation, which is determined, Is poured out on the desolate.” Daniel 9:27

As Daniel said, in the middle of the week, 42 months, this world leader will walk into the temple, declare himself god (abomination) and demand that the Jews worship him. Like the Jews of Muhammad’s day, they will reject him and what follows is the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jer. 30:7), hell on earth.

So who is this coming global leader? Is it Donald Trump or Jared Kushner, or someone not yet on radar? One thing for sure, the President-elect and his son-in-law, should be careful what they wish for.

(Excerpt from our new book Blood Feud coming soon)


  1. So glad you said that. I have been thinking that for awhile, but afraid to say anything. I proposed the possibility to someone at church and he said, “No, he (not, “they” because this was before the recent revelation in the article you posted here) doesn’t fit the profile.” Hmmm. Mary didn’t fit the profile as the mother of the King of the Jews, born poor and lowly in an out of the way rural town. Jesus didn’t even fit the profile of the Messiah, in the opinions of the people of that time. I am thinking BO is probably going to remain a sad and pitiful wannabe. He’s done enough damage, after all. And I’m guessing he isn’t done yet, if he has his own way. That is, if he has his own way.
    Thanks Author. So much going on. What an amazing time to be alive. How reassuring to be a child of God. Prayers for all the lost, that they find their way to the Lord – soon. Maranatha!

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