Trump Thumps Merkel On Migrant Madness: ‘It’s The End Of Europe’



Breitbart: U.S. Republican presidential contender Donald Trump said German Chancellor Angela Merkel was wrong to let in thousands of migrants into Germany and that the refugee crisis could trigger revolutions and even the end of Europe.

“I think Angela Merkel made a tragic mistake with the migrants.”

Opinion: Donald Trump is not the cure-all for the world’s problems, he is, however, the only political solution for progressive left governments. And it’s too late.

That statement is not doom-mongering, it is the lateness of the hour.

dan2The world is getting ready for what the great prophet Daniel calls the revived Roman empire. In Daniel 2, the young Israelite solves the mystery of the king’s dream:

“As Your Majesty was lying there, your mind turned to things to come, and the revealer of mysteries showed you what is going to happen.”

Daniel describes 4 world empires that would deal with Israel right up to approx. 4th century AD, when the Roman Empire faded but never ended.

Daniel’s Holy Roman Empire (revived Rome) is depicted by the 10 toes of the statue: “Its feet partly of iron [strong] and partly of baked clay [weak].”

Bingo, a perfect description of the EU today. The southern countries are crumbling financially, while the northern countries are financially solvent, for the moment.

But that’s all changing with the progressive left decision to open up the borders for migrants who are infiltrating the countries with indigent people along with terror operatives.

When the house of cards comes down, the political situation will call for a leader on a white horse to save the day. He will come in peace carrying a bow with no arrows, Revelation 6:1-2.

After 42 months (Daniel 9:27), all hell will break loose.



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