Trump: We have a ‘rare opportunity’ to bring peace to the Middle East


CNBC: In an address just after Air Force One landed in Tel Aviv, Israel, Trump described a “rare opportunity to bring security and stability and peace to this region and to its people.” He expressed his wish to “reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the United States and the State of Israel.”

Trump pledged to fight the “evil ideology” of terrorism and “create a future of harmony, prosperity and peace.” more …

Opinion: As we watch this spectacle unfold, the over-used words ‘unbreakable bond’ of the last 5 presidents are being recycled. You would think someone in this administration would know that.

Daniel 9:27 He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven …”

The first ten words of Daniel’s prophecy of the false peace will give us clues as to where we are. Remember that confirm a covenant means that it will not be an original treaty. Also keep in mind that the 1993 Oslo accords was a 7 year peace deal that failed, and could be modified.

Next the number 7, which in Hebrew (shabua) means 7 years.

Fulfilled prophecy has to be perfect just like the third person of the Trinity who inspired it.