Trump’s State Dept no longer calls West Bank ‘occupied’ in annual report


The Times of Israel: The US State Department released its annual report on human rights violations around the world on Friday, and there was at least one discernible difference from past reports: It no longer refers to the West Bank as “occupied.”

Whereas previous iterations of the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices had a section on “Israel and the Occupied Territories,” this year’s document refers instead to “Israel, Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza.” more …

Opinion: Barack Obama consistently called the West Bank occupied:

Pope Francis shocked the world with a stop at the wall that divides Israel from the West Bank, showing his support for the U.N. vote to make Palestine a nonmember sovereign Arab state inside Israel. Mahmoud Abbas was pleased.

The secular world wants Israel to give back the land conquered in the 1967 war. It is not content that the Sinai was given back to Egypt or that Gaza was given to Jordanians who call themselves Palestinians. They want Judea and the Golan Heights so that Israel will become defenseless.

The EU, UN and virtually every secular progressive left politician calls the West Bank occupied in defiance or ignorance of Joel 3:1-2.

The covenant land was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants after them (Genesis 17:7-8), not to either the lines of Abraham’s 6 sons with Keturah, or the line of Abraham and Ishmael, or Abraham and Esau.

What none of the secular left realize is that the outcome is written in the pages of Scripture.

Jesus, and a remnant of His chosen win Zechariah 12:10.