Front Page Mag: In Islamic eschatology the Mahdi (‘messiah’) plays a prominent role. For the Iranian Shia he is already born and has hidden down a well for over a millennium, waiting for the right time to emerge. Turkish Sunnis already have a candidate, breathing fire and brimstone and ready to purge the world.

At least, so it would seem, to judge from the campaign Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has waged against unbelievers who have dared to block his plans to become the country’s all-powerful leader.

On April 16 a referendum will be held in Turkey, where voters can decide on constitutional amendments which will remove all cumbersome checks and balances to Erdoğan’s power.

Opinion: From a prophecy view, April 16 will tell us a lot. Erdogan is currently in a verbal war with Europe, threatening to unleash millions of refugees into Germany and the Netherlands in retaliation for those governments’ refusal to allow Turkish citizens to hold pro-Erdogan rallies.

Erdogan does not like the word no.

What is interesting is that in 2016 Erdogan re-established relations with Israel after a falling out over the Mavi Marmara Gaza blockade incident of 2010.

The answer could lie in Turkey’s falling out with Russia over the Turkish army shooting down a Russian jet last year, and Turkey’s reliance on Russian natural gas for its harsh winters.

Israel’s vast natural gas supplies will likely be available to Turkey once plans for a new pipeline and the East Mediterranean Pipeline proposal presented by the Greek Public Gas Company (DEPA) is approved.

The question then is – why would Erdogan join with Russia and Iran as prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 in an attack on Israel if that is where Turkey will fulfill its energy needs?

Glad you asked.

Erdogan is a major supporter of Hamas, one of Israel’s fiercest enemies. Part of the Turkish/Israeli reconciliation plan depends on Israel easing restrictions on the Gaza blockade, which is Israel’s main defense in blocking tunnel building supplies and the flow of arms and rockets into Gaza.

That my friends will never happen. Israel knows well that Hamas sole reason for existence is the destruction of Israel and Erdogan does not disagree.

Follow the flow of energy.