U.S. AF Academy Presents Transgender Couple, Marxist, and Sex Guru As Models


The New American: At a U.S. military academy conference on “character and leadership,” one might expect to hear from individuals imparting wisdom and inspiration from their heroic military actions in the face of battle or its aftermath: Medal of Honor recipients, POW survivors, amputees who continue to serve with dignity and valor. Nah, that’s so “old school.” Heroism now, according to the canons of political correctness, is defined by Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, Ellen DeGeneres, and homosexual activist/figure skater Adam Rippon.

They have the “courage” to “be themselves” and defiantly proclaim their valorous individuality.

Despite the fact that the American people spoke in November 2016 and elected Donald Trump, much of the federal bureaucracy still acts as though Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton sits in the Oval Office. more …

Opinion: The bell cannot be unrung. Once Barack Obama ‘evolved’ on same-sex marriage, a flood of deviant behaviors became mainstream so quickly it was like a dam of perversions burst onto American society – and the military was no exception.

Donald Trump’s list of unconfirmed nominees is the longest in 30 years. The confirmation process has been mired in procedural delays forced by Democrats in committee.

From the article:

“The USAFA’s two-day symposium (February 22-23), according to an article by the Academy’s public affairs office, was “designed to ‘stretch thinking’” of the Air Force cadets. In his opening address to the symposium audience, Academy Superintendent Lt. General Jay Silveria said the event would feature “an impressive array of speakers from an amazingly diverse array of backgrounds.”

“The Air Force Academy’s appreciation for diversity and its willingness to respectfully address controversy make the school stronger,” according to Silveria. “Some of their stories will inspire and encourage you, others will shock or sadden you, some might anger you and some will make you uncomfortable,” he said. “Each of these reactions are important to our experience here and to our development as leaders.”

In a time of a resurgent Russia, and a looming threat from Iran and No. Korea, our military is now a social experiment designed to explore feelings and diversity.

Bible prophecy is clear that in the final wars of this age, there is no nation resembling a singular superpower like the US, but it does call for a revived Rome, with such tremendous firepower that only US weapons could provide.

When Antichrist begins his march to Israel, he will first take on and defeat the King of the South and the King of the North.

“At the time of the end the king of the South shall attack him; and the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through.” (Daniel 11:40)

Disturbing news will reach him that the kings of the east (Daniel 11:44) are on their way to do battle, bringing a 200 million man army across the dried up Euphrates.

The blood of the dead will rise about four and one half feet deep for 200 miles. The vultures of the sky will have their fill (Rev. 14:20).

(see more on the War of Armageddon here)


  1. BTW, did anyone pickup on the new commandant of cadets appointed a year ago? She is a woman and a brigadier general. And that she was bringing her “wife,” a colonel, with her.

    No big deal, I guess…

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