U.S. Signs UN Climate Pact Blasted as Disastrous by Scientific, Economic Experts



The New American: “Presidents, prime ministers, dictators, and potentates from 175 countries gathered at the United Nations in New York Friday to sign the UN’s Paris climate accord, which proponents say is aimed at slowing the (fictitious) crisis of global warming by reducing manmade greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2). Secretary of State John Kerry (shown), with his granddaughter on his lap, signed for President Obama, who was returning from a trip to Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

President Obama declared last December, following the Paris summit, that the newly-created pact “represents the best chance we have to save the one planet we’ve got.” Moreover, he praised it as “the most ambitious climate change agreement in history.”

If the Paris accord is allowed to go into effect, trillions of dollars will be spent by governments and UN bureaucrats – allegedly to “save the planet.” But all of their schemes and programs will only effect a tiny fraction of a degree in global temperatures by 2100. And even that miniscule effect is only theoretical.”

Opinion: And there, in the middle of the great climate swindle is John Kerry, who never misses and opportunity to throw either the US or Israel under a bus.

And how appropriate that the document was signed on Earth Day a day when all secular progressive get out their tin-foil hats and give worship and honor at the altar of the UN and nature.

All we need now is a new UN Super-President who is just a bit more stout then the rest, Daniel 7:20.


Source: Slider