U.S. supply chain looking mighty shaky right about now


When last we discussed the difficulties barges were encountering whilst trying to make passage on the Mississippi River (Monday as a matter of fact), I noted that the water was fast approaching a record low in Memphis, set a couple of decades ago. It’s fixin’ to tie that record some time today.

According to the National Weather Service Memphis Office, the Mississippi River is projected to tie the all-time record of -10.70 feet, either later today or tonight

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The southern part of the river is well below its “low” level already and, unfortunately for it and the rest of us, there is little to no relief in sight. We are predicted to go into our third consecutive La Niña winter, which means no excess precipitation on the way – in fact, quite the opposite. La Niña usually portends most of the river’s extent will be drier than normal.

During a weak episode, the majority of country should expect winter temperatures to be at or below average. Precipitation is usually hard to come by on both coasts, but communities in the Tennessee and Ohio valleys and northern Rockies typically see an uptick in precipitation.

A moderate La Niña tends to lead to warmer weather in the southern half of the country. During these events, freezes tend to be fewer and farther between in the South. Most of the country sees either normal or drier-than-average conditions, which leads to less rain and snowfall. Exceptions include the Tennessee and Ohio valleys, northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest. These areas historically have seen above-average precipitation when a moderate La Niña is in control.

…Just under half (47%) of all grain is moved by barge, according to the USDA. Approximately 5.4 million barrels of crude and 35% of thermal coal are moved on the Mississippi.

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