President Trump: Climate Change is NOT Manmade, Scientists Have Political Agenda


Neon Nettle: President Donald Trump has spoken out against Climate Change alarmists to say that humans are not responsible for the Earth’s changing temperates, and that “it will change back” naturally.

Speaking during an interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes, the president also accused the scientists behind the data that suggests Global Warming is manmade, of having a “political agenda.”

“Trump also clarified his stance on Climate Change – as his critics often accuse him of denying its existence – saying that he doesn’t believe it is a hoax; the Earth’s temperature rises and falls naturally but not due to manmade causes. more …

Opinion: Actually it is not stunning to us at all. The BPT News rule of thumb on contentious political issues is to first see who is for and who is against:

Hillary Clinton:

John Kerry:

Barack Obama:

The Weather Channel’s left wing global warming wackos are doing their absolute best to promote the deception:

Donald J. Trump

Moses: (video not available)

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” Genesis 8:16