UK Refuses Palestinian Demand for Balfour Declaration Apology


BIN: The United Kingdom has rejected a request by the Palestinians to apologize for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which helped pave the way for the founding of the state of Israel.

“The answer came in a written letter to the [Palestinian] Foreign Ministry that the apology is refused,” Manuel Hassassian, the Palestinian ambassador to the U.K., told Voice of Palestine Radio Tuesday. more …

Opinion: You can slice and dice it anyway you want, but the Muslim nations picked the wrong side of a world war and lost their Caliphate.

The two-state solution that was created: Israel for Jews – Jordan for Palestinians, will never be enough for the sons of Edom.

Let’s review some facts:

1917: Britain signed the Balfour Declaration that committed Britain to establish a national home for the Jewish people.

1919: World War I ended, the Ottoman Empire collapsed, and the Middle East was to be divided up.

1922: League of Nations steps in:

  • 1. League of Nations awarded Britain mandates over Transjordan, Palestine, and Iraq.
  • 2. League of Nations awarded France mandates over Syria and Lebanon.
  • 3. Britain awarded the entire land of Palestine to Israel with no territorial restrictions.
  • 4. Israel was granted both sides of the Jordan River, totaling 43,075 square miles. A few months later, Britain, under pressure, altered the Balfour Declaration and took back 32,460 square miles, or 78 percent of the original land grant.

1924: That land was then given to establish Transjordan, leaving Israel approximately 9,500 square miles.

Only God Himself can/will solve the problem of Edom Isaiah 63:1-3, Revelation 19:11-13.

(for more see chapter 10 ‘Blood Feud’ here)