Ukraine Crimea: Russia sends new air defence missiles



BBC: “The Russian military has announced the delivery of new air defence missiles to Crimea, in a move scheduled before the latest tension with Ukraine.

The S-400 Triumph missile systems were earmarked for troops in Crimea last month, Russian media said at the time.

Moscow also announced exercises in Crimea next week to simulate an attack by weapons of mass destruction (WMD).”

Opinion: The Crimea houses Russia’s only warm water port with access to the Mediterranean. Without its Black Sea fleet, and a naval base to accommodate it, Russia would be a diminished power.

Czar Putin wants his Soviet empire back and Crimea was part of it until 1954, when it was gifted to the Soviet Republic of the Ukraine by then Russian Premier, Nikita Khrushchev.

East and West: Never the twain shall meet

West Ukraine was a part of the Roman Empire, but was never part of the Soviet Union. The language is Ukrainian, as opposed to the East that speaks mostly Russian.

The West has a European flavor and the East, including Crimea, who voted 90% to return to Russia, has a strong Russian influence. Interestingly, the Crimean Peninsula was also under partial control of the Roman Empire during the period of 47 BC to c. 340 AD.

Prophecy teaches that the Roman Empire will revive in the last days and that nations that were once part of it will begin to return to their Biblically assigned DNA.

Daniel 9:26 tells us that the final dictator will come from somewhere within the borders of revived Rome.

Since Putin was able to take Crimea with little resistance from the west, his move to beef up Crimea with the S-400 air defense missile system could signal that he is planning another attack before the US president leaves office.