Ukraine Outrage: Top Police Official Demanding ‘List of Jews’ in City of Kolomyia


(A copy of the letter sent by Ukrainian police to the Jewish community in Kolomyia demanding a list of names and addresses of local Jews. Photo: Screenshot.)

Algemeiner: A demand by a senior police officer in western Ukraine for a list of the names, addresses and phone numbers of local Jewish community members has been roundly condemned by Jewish leaders as reminiscent of the Nazi occupation of the former Soviet republic.

The demand — from the Department of Strategic Investigations of the Ukrainian national police, which combats organized crime — was received by Yakov Zalischiker, the head of the Jewish community in the city of Kolomyia, on Feb. 11. As quoted on Monday by local news outlet Kolomyia Today, Zalischker explained that he had initially interpreted the letter as a prank, as most of the members of his community were elderly.

The letter was eventually revealed over the weekend by Eduard Dolinksy, head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, who published it on his Facebook page.

Dolinsky condemned the police letter as echoing the roundup of Ukrainian Jews by the Nazis and local collaborators following the German military invasion of June 1941.

“Interestingly, in 1941, the Nazis and the Ukrainian auxiliary police also demanded a list of all Jews,” Dolinsky wrote. Read More …

Opinion:  Excerpt: Antichrist: The Search for Amalek (Page 59)

The Edomite Blood Moves North

The fifth century BC was known for the Greco-Persian wars that continued all the way to the death of Alexander in 323 BC. These wars were a perfect fit for the mercenary Edomites, who were known as fierce swordwielding warriors.

They were conscripted and recruited into these armies, spreading Esau’s blood from Israel
east to Persia (Iran) and north to Lebanon, Syria, Turkey (Chazars), and Russia/Ukraine (Scythians).

The Scythians roamed over a vast swath of this region, from Siberia to the Black Sea, for about 800 years beginning about the ninth century B.C. They were known for their fierce equestrian battle skills, including the ability to shoot arrows while riding, and for the brutal treatment of those they defeated.

Hatred of Jacob is the hallmark of the descendants of Esau. Anti-Semitism is rising all over the world as the ancient hatred is showing up country by country.

Why now? As the world moves closer to the prophesied war of Gog Magog (Ezekiel 38-39), it will be time for the descendants of Jacob to aliyah to Israel.

Sometimes called Ezekiel’s war, it will be Israel’s most spectacular victory.

A massive alliance of 7 nations led by Russia (Ezekiel 38:1-6 NIV) will come from every direction and cover Israel like a cloud (Ezekiel 38:9 NIV).

The world will think that Israel will not survive. The US, UK and Saudis will ask Russia’s prince (Gog) why he is attacking (Ez. 38:13 NIV), but will be powerless to stop it.

It is God Himself who puts an end to the attack by doing what He did for Gideon in Judges 7, and the Israelites in 2 Chronicles 20.

He will turn the enemy against each other (Ezekiel 38:18-21 NIV).

See more on the Gog Magog war in BP 101 Chapter 6 “Pre-Tribulation Wars” here