UK’s Cameron calls East Jerusalem construction ‘genuinely shocking’



The Times of Israel: “British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday called Israeli construction in East Jerusalem “genuinely shocking” during a discussion at the British Parliament, even as he insisted that he was a “great friend of Israel” and defined the city as Israel’s capital.”

67 warOpinion: May 1967, the Six-Day War with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria was fought. Israel captured the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula. Jerusalem was reunited after 2000 years and the progressive God-hating left has never gotten over it.

In early May of ’67, Israel was alone and war was looming. Egypt, In violation of previous truce agreements, ordered U.N. peacekeepers out of the Sinai and marched 120,000 troops to the Israeli border.

A military pact was signed between Egypt, Jordan and Syria, who pledged the final destruction of Israel.

Egypt blocked Israeli shipping lanes in the Red Sea, Israel’s only maritime access to trading routes with Asia and Africa. This step was regarded as an act of war by Jerusalem. United States President Lyndon Johnson spoke about joining with other countries to break the blockade, but did not act.

France, which had been Israel’s principal arms supplier, announced a ban on the sale of weapons on the eve of the June war.

On June 5, the Jewish army, remembering its victory over the Persian army 2,500 years earlier (Esther 9:1-10),  preempted the attack against overwhelming odds and won lightning victories on three fronts in what has been called one of the most miraculous victories in history.

So, David Cameron is a friend of Israel, but still calls Jerusalem occupied. No nation has ever given back land taken in a defensive war, except Israel who gave back the Sinai and Gaza in exchange for peace that never came.

With friends like David Cameron …

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