UN Boss: “Lord Buddha” Can Help “Enlighten” World



The New American:”Traditional Dutch Christmas celebrations might be a violation of what the United Nations describes as “international law,” but Buddhism and “Lord Buddha” can help “enlighten” the world and advance the UN’s controversial Agenda 2030, according to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Ironically, just this week, the UN accused Burmese Buddhists of committing potential crimes against humanity against Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya community.

The UN chief was speaking on the International “Day of Vesak,” an official UN day and the “most sacred day” for followers of the Buddhist religion, celebrating the birth and alleged enlightenment of a man known as Buddha some 2,500 years ago. Ban praised the religion as if it were the solution to all the world’s real and imagined problems.

With his comments coming days before the World Humanitarian Summit, the UN boss also claimed the teachings of Buddha could help the UN and its member governments deal with everything from mass migration and UN-defined “human rights” to hateful rhetoric and alleged man-made global warming.

Opinion: Progressive-left Buddhists use the word enlightenment a lot. I know because a very old friend is a Jewish Buddhist.

I have written about my friend before. I was able to laugh off our differences before becoming a Christian 16 years ago, but now it isn’t funny. I know that saving someone’s soul is the Holy Spirit’s job, and all I can do is plant seeds and pray for him.

There is a global religion coming but it is not in focus yet. The head of the Roman Church along with liberal Protestant leaders embracing ecumenism are my leading candidates, but a blend of Christianity and Buddhism does not feel right since most Christians consider Buddhism a false religion.

Others like Joel Richardson think the global church will be Islam but somehow that doesn’t feel right either.

Revelation 3:14-22 calls the final Church to be neither hot nor cold. Jesus said that church would be rich and not think they need anything, but underneath will be wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked.

According to Revelation 13:1, the final Church will be led by a man described as having two horns like a lamb but will speak like a dragon – indicating a form of clergy gone bad.

About that pope …



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