UN to Grill Israel on Use of Torture Against Palestinians


Breaking Israel News: “In what could be seen as a plot to further vilify the Jewish state, the UN plans to thoroughly scrutinize Palestinian claims of “torture” at the hands of Israel in a two-day hearing which will take place this week.

Officially established in 1987, the UN Convention Against Torture is a body made of up 10 members who are dedicated to preventing torture and any other international claims of inhumane, cruel, or degrading treatment. The upcoming hearing is standard practice for each of the 159 countries that signed the convention; Israel added its name to the list in 1991.

At least 13 left-wing non-governmental organizations (NGOs), several Israeli, submitted reports to the UN committee claiming that the Jewish state has explicitly violated the Convention Against Torture.”

dafnaOpinion: The UN is real upset that the Israeli government has a policy of destroying the homes of terrorists, as well as the treatment of young terrorists, like Morad Bader Abdullah Adais, who stabbed Dafna Meir, a mother of six.

The selective outrage of the UN made no mention of three of Dafna’s children watching their mother being stabbed to death, or the summer camps to which Palestinian families send their children to teach them how to kill Jews.




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