Under Nuclear Deal Iran Can Have Nuclear Detonators



Investors Op-Ed: “Tehran’s defense minister says the terrorist state will produce a massive explosive used to detonate atomic bombs. Obama’s Iran deal is increasingly delivering the opposite of its promises.

Why would Iran want to produce the nuclear weapons detonator Octogen, also known as HMX, or “high melting point explosive,” if it doesn’t have its eyes on becoming a nuclear weapons power?

Moreover, why is Tehran seeking HMX only three months after official implementation of the nuclear pact that the West negotiated with it (without Iran signing it, though)? Clearly, pursuing Octogen earlier would have been a red flag indicating that Iran’s claims of not seeking nuclear weapons were false.”

Opinion: Under the unsigned nuclear deal to get Iran under control, Iran can:

  • Arrest US Navy sailors at gun point
  • Test missiles close to US aircraft carriers
  • Launch ballistic missiles labeled with “wipe Israel off the map”
  • Continue to build ICBMs
  • Chant death to America
  • Arm Hezbollah with sophisticated missiles
  • Supply tunnel building supplies to Hamas
  • Chant death to Israel
  • Arm Houthi rebels in Yemen
  • Support Bashar Assad with troops and weapons
  • Call Israel a cancerous tumor
  • Run 19,000 centrifuges for enriched uranium
  • Make detonators for atomic bombs
  • Inspect itself for violations

And it only took 2 years and 3 months to finally make the world safe …

Whew, that was a close one …

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