US announces $50 million aid program for the Gaza Strip



YNet News: “US officials said the money will be used over five years to provide basic humanitarian assistance and create jobs. It will be distributed by the US Agency for International Development in partnership with Catholic Relief Services.

The US Consul General in Jerusalem, Donald A. Blume, said the effort is meant to address “the dire needs that are obvious in Gaza.”

Opinion: The Israeli military has provided estimates that Hamas spent up  to $90 million, and poured 600,000 tons of concrete, in order to build three dozen tunnels.

The enormous sums that the Hamas military industry is spending on supplies could have been used to pay the salaries of Hamas’ civilian workers — teachers, physicians, and so on.

So along comes the United States with $50 million for an organization whose only purpose for existence is genocide.

No strings attached.


Source: Slider