US sends forces to RUSSIAN border: NATO poised to strike against Putin’s aggression


Sun UK: “President Obama has deployed US special forces troops along Lithuania’s border with “aggressive” Russia.

Tensions between Washington and the Kremlin have reached Cold War levels amid reports Vladimir Putin is deploying nuke-ready missiles in the Russian province of Kaliningrad – which borders Poland, Belarus and Lithuania.”

Opinion: The Baltic States have good reason to fear a Russian invasion, although Lithuania may have particular reason to worry.

Wedged between Russian ally Belarus and the Russian Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad, Lithuania is worried that it could be the next target of Russian aggression following invasions in Georgia in 2008 and Crimea and eastern Ukraine in 2015.

Lithuania’s is Moscow’s biggest obstacle in developing a land bridge between Kaliningrad and the rest of Russia. Nuclear missiles positioned in Kaliningrad send a powerful message of aggression.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are in Putin’s sights as he tries to rebuild the Soviet Empire.

As amazing as it sounds, the Baltic states including West Ukraine, were all included in the German ecclesiastical states of the Holy Roman Empire between 50-450 AD.

The prophet Daniel 7:7-8, 23-24 tells us that there will be a future revival of the Roman Empire in the area of Europe and parts of the Middle East. This revived Roman Empire, the fourth beast of Daniel’s prophetic vision, is portrayed as the ten toes of the great image in the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, ruler of Babylonia (Daniel 2:40-43).

What has changed is that now there is a new US president who seems to have a fondness for the Russian czar. It is too early to tell if this is part of President-elect Trump’s strategy for dealing with Putin or a blind spot.

I’m guessing Donald Trump, like Ronald Reagan, is not to be messed with, but one way or another Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

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