USA ‘People’s Convoy’ Set to Roll Wednesday: Biden ‘Fears the American People’


Assessment: To that end, the Convoy’s primary demand is that the declaration of a National Emergency Concerning the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic be ended, rescinding all the extra, and supposedly temporary, emergency powers given to the executive branch …

“Let Freedom Roll” is the slogan of “The People’s Convoy” set to depart Wednesday morning from Adelanto, California, on its way to Washington, DC, to protest federal coronavirus mandates and call for an end to President Joe Biden’s emergency declaration.

Convoy organizers Marcus Sommers and Maureen Steele spoke to Breitbart News about their “peaceful” transcontinental movement to “defend our freedom” at a time when “our freedom is on the line and tyranny closing in.”

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” Proverbs 29:2

“The freedom to choose is what our country is founded on, what our military has fought for, and died for, and bled for, and sacrificed everything,” Sommers, who has been a trucker for 34 years, told Breitbart News. “We must stand up, this is our duty. … I feel this is also a way, for myself personally, that I can fight for my country and its people.”

“The blue collar boys have historically always been the first to jump in and defend our freedom,” Steele, who is a paralegal, mother, and wife, and had no previous experience with truckers, explained. “Whatever war it’s been, throughout history, it’s always the blue collar boys that are the first in, they sacrifice the most, they’re the first to sign up, and they’re doing it again. I mean, here we are again, in 2022, with our freedoms on the line and tyranny closing in, and one more time, it’s the blue collar boys. So they’re the tip of the spear, and we owe them a world of gratitude.”

Both Sommers and Steele emphasized the importance of truckers to American society. “Without trucks, we are the lifeblood of America. I mean, everybody dies. There would not even be doctors or nurses. They couldn’t even continue on without trucks,” Sommers said, explaining that truckers are often the unseen, unsung heroes of society who allow for access to all things from basic necessities like food and clothing to whatever someone ordered on Amazon.

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