Vatican: Coronavirus ‘Harbinger of Future Crises Relating to Climate Change’


Breitbart: The Vatican released a joint document with the World Council of Churches (WCC) Thursday calling for greater attention to the environment in “a post-COVID-19 world.”

“The human misery associated with the COVID-19 pandemic is taking place amid the broader context of the suffering of this planet,” notes the text, which bears the title “Serving a Wounded World in Interreligious Solidarity: A Christian Call to Reflection and Action During COVID-19.”

The coronavirus health crisis can be seen as “a harbinger of future crises relating to climate change and the assault on biodiversity,” the document declares. “We urgently need an ecological conversion of attitudes and actions to care more effectively for our world, paying attention to the groaning of the creation.”

According to the Vatican website, the document is meant to offer “a Christian basis for interreligious solidarity that can inspire and confirm the impulse to serve a world wounded not only by COVID-19 but also by many other wounds.” Read More …

Opinion: Interreligious solidarity is what the Jesuit Society is all about. Ecumenism began under Ignatius Loyola in 1540 as a CounterReformation movement through education and missionary work. The goal is to bring all religions under the authority of the Bishop of Rome.

Another secular document from the Vatican:

Whereas in the plagues of past centuries, the Christian churches embraced their mission of preparing souls for death and judgment, along with caring for their bodies, the current document is devoid of any mention of salvation or eternal life.

The document “recognizes the current context of the pandemic as a time for discovering new forms of solidarity for rethinking the post-COVID-19 world,” the Vatican states, but it fails to recognize the pandemic as an opportunity to reconsider human mortality and the distinct contribution of Christianity to understanding the meaning of earthly existence.

Human morality (secular humanism) is the new hallmark of Papal decrees and fits especially well with the World Council of Churches (WCC), another replacement theology denomination.

From our post February 20, 2020:

The WCC, like the Roman Catholic church, adheres to replacement theology, a belief that God replaced His chosen people, Israel, with the church, and the church is now the beneficiary of God’s covenant and promises to Abraham.

The result is overt and massive anti-Semitism.

The combined WCC and RCC followers represent some 1.8 billion self-described Christians, outnumbering all of Islam. 

“For from the top of the rocks I see him,
And from the hills I behold him;
There! A people dwelling alone,
Not reckoning itself among the nations.” Numbers 23:9

From Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 3:

“Replacement Theology may be either Amillennial or Postmillennial. It is currently the most widely held belief in Catholic teaching as well as the World Council of Churches, the Presbyterian Church USA, the Methodist Church, the Lutheran Church (ELCA), the Anglican Church and the United Church of Christ.” Excerpt: Bible Prophecy 101 Chapter 3 here.

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