Vatican Tells Muslims: Ramadan Is Important for Christians, Too


Breitbart: The month of Ramadan is important not only for Muslims, but also for believers of other religions, “in particular Christians,” the Vatican asserted this week.

In a message of good wishes to Muslims around the world, the Vatican’s department of Interreligious Dialogue said that during the month of Ramadan, existing friendships are reinforced and others are built, “paving the way for more peaceful, harmonious and joyful coexistence.”

“This corresponds to the divine will for our communities, and indeed for all the members and communities of the one human family,” reads the text, published by the Vatican on Friday.

Such peaceful and friendly coexistence is threatened by “extremism, radicalism, polemics, disputes, and religiously motivated violence,” the message declares, and these threats “are fueled by a culture of hate.”

Such a culture must be countered and overcome by “enhancing instead, enhancing love and friendship, in particular between Muslims and Christians, due to the bonds that unite us,” the Vatican office contends.

While differences can be perceived as a threat, we must not ignore or forget what we have in common, the message continues.

This means overcoming negative attitudes toward those who are different from us Read More …

Opinion: Excerpts from Sunday Study April 7, 2019 compiled from the Berean Call with permission from Editor.

What is ecumenism?

Ecumenism is a movement that began as an attempt to bring about unity within the denominations and groups that call themselves Christian. In the mid-20th century, however, a change took place (led, for the most part, by the Roman Catholic Church), expanding the goal of ecumenism to include all religions. That may seem like a worthy objective, but it is neither biblical nor possible. Nevertheless, the movement is alive today and growing exponentially. Yet most Christians do not recognize its deceptive nature. Hence this update.

Some would claim that the Bible calls for religious unity. No, it calls for Christians who are true followers of Jesus Christ to unite themselves in the truth of God’s Word—the faith—once for all delivered to those who have put their trust in Jesus (Ephesians 4 1-6; Jude 3).

For those who have not received Christ’s offer of salvation, unity in the doctrine of Christ is impossible. What’s more, many who have been redeemed by Jesus have drifted away from keeping the unity of the faith (John 17:20-23)—examples will follow below. Read More …

First, let’s consider the religions of the world regarding this hoped-for unity. What might be the basis for that unity? It certainly isn’t their belief in God or their gods or their doctrines. Why not? Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism serve as prime examples.

  • Followers of Judaism worship one God, who calls the Jews His “chosen people”
  • Muslims worship Allah, who hates Jews.
  • Hindus worship 330-million personal gods.
  • The supreme deity of Buddhism is an impersonal Force that is in everything.
  • Most Jews consider the material world as the epitome of life
  • Hindus regard the material world as maya, an illusion
  • Muslims strive to get to paradise by doing good works in their lifetime—works that are satisfactory to Allah, with the most acceptable “work” being jihad (killing infidels)
  • Hindus and Buddhists strive to reach nirvana or moksha, a state of perfect happiness, through an endless cycle of deaths and rebirths.

These are only a few of the dissimilarities in the world’s diverse religious belief systems, yet they clearly reveal that the popular belief that all paths lead to God is delusionary at best.

On the other hand, all the religions of the world will converge into a one-world religion under the control of the Antichrist, who will be worshiped as God (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4: Revelation 13:8) and offers the same godhood to humanity as did Satan in Genesis 3:5.

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