War in Ukraine halts almost all shipping in the Black Sea, threatening global supply chain


Assessment: The ships still stuck in Ukrainian ports are unable to leave because there are no harbor pilots to guide them out. Even if the ships were able to leave the port, navigation in many parts of the Black Sea is restricted due to the threat posed by underwater mines …

The Russian invasion has left hundreds of ships and thousands of sailors stranded in Ukraine. Not only is this predicament endangering their lives, it is also threatening global trade.

According to London-based shipping tracker Windward Ltd., around 200 ships with an estimated crew of 3,500 sailors remain stuck at Ukrainian ports since Feb. 24, the first day of Russia’s invasion.

A time to love, And a time to hate; A time of war, And a time of peace.” Ecclesiastes 3:8

Image: War in Ukraine halts almost all shipping in the Black Sea, threatening global supply chain

The war has shut down ports in the world’s second-largest grain exporting region. Ukraine and Russia make up over 30 percent of global wheat exports. Ukraine alone accounts for 16 percent of global corn exports. The war has already caused global wheat prices to surge by more than 55 percent.

“This shock to global grain supply is the biggest supply shock since the OPEC oil cuts in the 1970s,” said Salvatore Mercogliano, a professor at Campbell University in North Carolina and former merchant mariner. “It will mean food shortages in the Middle East and Africa, and inflation across the world.”

Ships stuck in Ukraine in danger of being hit by Russian munitions

The ships stuck in Ukrainian ports include one sunflower oil carrier, at least a dozen oil-product tankers and 45 bulkers that transport grains, ores and coal. (Related: Food crisis incoming: War in Ukraine threatening global food supplies, half a billion people at risk of hunger.)

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