Warning: Digital Currencies Portend Deeply Negative Interest Rates


Technocracy: Investors have been ignoring progress toward government-issued electronic money, even as many countries are progressing rapidly toward their own online cash. They should ask two questions: Will the Federal Reserve issue a digital dollar? And will it eventually replace physical bank notes?

I think the answer to both questions is yes, and those who agree should be assessing the impact on future monetary policy already, because dramatic change is likely within the timespan of the 30-year Treasury.

Deeply negative rates won’t come straight away. Initially, central-bank digital currencies will almost certainly be designed to behave as much like ordinary bank notes as possible, to make their adoption easy and minimize disruption, while use of physical cash will be allowed to wither away. But those close to the development agree that monetary caution is unlikely to last.

“Central banks are making lots of effort to make sure that CBDC isn’t seen as a possible monetary-policy instrument,” says Benoît Coeuré, head of the Bank for International Settlements’ innovation hub and a former European Central Bank policy maker. “My take is that that discussion will come only later.” Read More …

Opinion: It continually amazes me how really smart money analysts can envision how central banks will one day completely control the use of money and not see the ultimate end game that was written down for all to see over 2000 years ago.

Negative interest rates will be the least of the problem.

Steps in progress:

  • Step 1. Allow the use of cryptocurrencies for limited transactions – check
  • Step 2. Assure the public that Central Bank digital money will have limited use – check
  • Step 3. Slowly introduce the Covid passport for normally routine social events – check
  • Step 4. Create a Covid passport tattoo optional for those who prefer it –  in process
  • Step 5. Make the Covid passport (mark) mandatory for everyone for daily living – coming

What will it take to get to step 5?

  • 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 – Trumpet blast
  • 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 – Come up hither (Rapture)
  • Revelation 6:1-2 – False Christ comes in peace
  • Revelation 6:3-4 – Wars and rumors of war
  • Revelation 6:5-6 – Economic collapse
  • Revelation 6:7-8 – Massive death disease/wild animals
  • Revelation 8:7 – God will rain down hail and fire upon the earth
  • Revelation 8:8 –  A great burning mountain is thrown into the sea
  • Revelation 8:10 – A great star falls from heaven, blazing like a torch
  • Revelation 8:12 – A third of the light from the sun and moon is darkened
  • Revelation 9:1-12-  An angel is given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit
  • Revelation 9:13-21 – 4 demonic angels are released from the Euphrates River to literally kill one third of all mankind. 200 million demonic spirits are released
  • Revelation 11:15-19 –  Heaven is beginning to rejoice because they know the end is very near
  • Revelation 13:16-17 – No one may buy or sell without a mark on their right hand or forehead

I don’t want to be here for any of that.

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