Washington D.C. Turned Into “Virtual Fortress” As 250,000 Protesters Descend Upon The City


Zero Hedge: “Washington will turn into a virtual fortress ahead of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on Friday, as the U.S. capital braces for more than a quarter-million protesters expected during the Republican’s swearing-in.

About 28,000 security personnel, miles (kilometers) of fencing, roadblocks, street barricades and dump trucks laden with sand will be part of the security cordon clamped around 3 square miles (almost 8 square km) of central Washington.

Opinion: CNN is gleefully reporting a potential designated survivor scenario that could land an Obama Cabinet member in the Oval Office. The LA Times says it’s last call to get over the border before President Trump puts real teeth in immigration laws, and an LGBT group is dancing in front of Vice President-elect Pence’s home.

The supposedly tolerant left is coming unglued because they just cannot stand intolerance.

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