WATCH: Warren Confronted Over Infanticide Position: Why Can’t Born-Alive Babies ‘Have Healthcare?’



  1. I got mine last June, and it was the 3rd anniversary edition. I don’t see a revised copy on Amazon, unless that’s the one. I thought I bought it just around the time the new one was to come out. I did, however, just leave a review. I saw Vason’s review, but that was from 2014.
    I wish I’d done it sooner, as I would have had more to say with it fresher in my mind, but what I most remember is how easy it was to understand. I’ve been interested in End Times since the Left Behind series, and I learned a lot that I didn’t know. Well researched and presented. (Now I wish I would have added that to my review. haha.)

  2. FYI, for the last 3 days all of your emails/articles to me have gone to my spam. Is this happening to anyone else?
    Keep meaning to tell you I read Ameleck a few months ago and loved it. I’ve been busy and a little lazy about commenting these days, but love your work. Keep it up. May God bless both of you always.

    • Hi Denise, we had updates done to the site so maybe that caused it. So far we have not had anyone else say they had the same problem. Happy to hear you enjoyed the book. The revised edition has not been given any reviews on Amazon and sales have slowed, but we use the research in the blog posts often.
      Thanks for your comments!

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