Western European immigration to Israel hits unprecedented levels in 2015



JPost: “Immigration from Western Europe to Israel hit all-time highs in 2015 as the perception that Jews feel threatened in the continent continues to grow, according to The Daily Mail Thursday.

Nearly 10,000 Jews, mostly from France, made aliya in 2015 after instances of anti-Semitic attacks reached record numbers.

That fear was increased earlier this week when a 15-year-old Turkish citizen of Kurdish origin, who said he acted in the name of the militant Islamist group Islamic State, attacked a Jewish teacher in the French city of Marseilles.”

Opinion: Do you see prophecy taking place right before your eyes? It sounds incredible but God is calling His people home after 2000 years.

The Israelites were dispersed from the land in 70 AD (in fulfillment of Deuteronomy 28:64, Hosea 9:17).

israel_tempelzersto_556107aAccording to 1st century historian Flavius  Josephus, Jerusalem was thronged with many people who had come to celebrate Passover: “The slaughter within was even more dreadful than the spectacle from without. Men and women, old and young, insurgents and priests, those who fought and those who entreated mercy, were hewn down in indiscriminate carnage. The number of the slain exceeded that of the slayers. The legionaries had to clamber over heaps of dead to carry on the work of extermination.”

Josephus recorded that the whole temple was completely destroyed and that if he hadn’t personally been in Jerusalem–making him an eyewitness to the demolition of the temple by Titus and his armies– he wouldn’t have believed that the temple had ever actually existed.

This fulfilled the words of Jesus from 40 years earlier  :“Do you see all these things?” He asked. “Truly I tell you, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.” Matthew 24:2, Mark 13:2 Luke 21:6

The Israelites have been brought back from the 2nd dispersion (Isaiah 11:11) precisely as foretold.

Ezekiel 29:28 records that all Jews will return home after a miraculous victory in the future war of Gog and Magog, never to be uprooted again Amos 9:15.

(Reference Omega Letter July 7, 2015)

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