What Prince William Did Not See in Ramallah


Jewish Press: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas shared some interesting news with England’s Prince William during a meeting in Ramallah on June 27. He informed the royal visitor that the Palestinians are “serious about reaching peace with Israel.” Abbas also said that the Palestinians were “committed to combating terrorism.”

What makes this news interesting is that as Abbas was speaking to Prince William in his Ramallah headquarters, known as the Mukata, the Palestinian government issued a statement praising Palestinian terrorists imprisoned by Israel.

The Ramallah-based government also vowed to continue paying salaries to Palestinians convicted of murdering and injuring Jews, defying Israeli and American demands to stop the payments. more …

Opinion: Pardon the cliché, but you really can’t make this up. William actually hopes that a lifelong terrorist will help bring lasting peace. No one is that stupid.

POW (Prince occupied William) did not bother to ask about payments to terrorists and their families accounting to hundreds of millions of dollars which Abbas and his henchmen receive from willfully ignorant nations like the US and UK.

I wonder if POW knew that the PA issued this statement while he was visiting the belly of the beast, Yasser Arafat’s former headquarters, Ramallah.

 “Palestinian prisoners are our national icons and symbols of defending freedom and dignity and confronting oppression and subjugation.” The Palestinian government vowed that it would “not abandon the prisoners and the families of the martyrs.”

So as the prince leaves the wreckage of his visit to Edom, his country will pay the price  (Genesis 12:3).