Who will control Gaza forces?


Al Monitor: Al-Monitor has learned from sources in Gaza close to former Fatah senior Mohammed Dahlan’s people that the reason for the cautious optimism exhibited by both sides is the fact that Egypt has proposed a compromise. If accepted, it should resolve the dispute, at least in the short term, until Hamas joins the PLO’s official institutions and commits itself to accepting the overriding principles shared by all the other Palestinian factions.

The Egyptian proposal, which was apparently initiated by Khaled Fawzy, the director of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate, revolves around the creation of a joint security council for the Gaza Strip. Its members would consist of the heads of security in the PA and their counterparts in Hamas, with all security decisions made jointly by them. Fatah and Hamas would have an equal number of members on the council, and Egypt would also be represented on it.

According to one Palestinian source in Gaza, senior Hamas officials have accepted the Egyptian proposal. It has also been presented to Abbas, but he has yet to respond. more …

Opinion: One of the participants of the Psalm 83 alliance is the Hagrites. Bible scholars have long debated whether that refers to Egypt or Saudi Arabia. One camp says it is Egypt since Ishmael’s mother, Hagar, was from there, and another says it is Saudi Arabia since Ishmael settled and remained in the Arabian peninsula his whole life.

I have long believed that since the prophet Asaph also named the Ishmaelites, who settled in what is today Saudi Arabia, the Hagrites would then logically point to Egypt.

If the Egyptian proposal is accepted it would not only strengthen the argument but create a permanent presence of the Egyptian government and by extension its military in Gaza.

In the event of an massive Arab assault on Israel it would be unlikely for Egypt to take Israel’s side.

The answer to the headline question “Who will control Gaza forces” is found in the line up of the war following Psalm 83, on the prophetic calendar. In Gog Magog, not one of the Psalm 83 armies is mentioned, meaning the God of Jacob will provide for Israel’s victory, again. Selah.

 (For more on Psalm 83 and Gog Magog see our e-book Blood Feud chapter 7 here)


  1. There are multiple passages of scripture throughout the Bible that warn Israel not to trust Egypt. There are passages even throughout books of prophecy, such as Ezekiel and Isaiah, that warn Israel not to trust Egypt. And while president Sisi has tried to show himself as a fair and trustworthy leader, even the devil shows himself as such at times.

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