Who’s Funding Illegal Palestinian Settlements in Area C—Terrorist Links


Jewish Press: Hundreds of millions of euros flow annually from European nationsto fund illegal Palestinian settlements in Area C. Under the Oslo Accords, only Israel can issue construction permits. The current rapid expansion plan dispenses with any coordination with Israel. 

According to Israeli activist watchdog groups, such as Regavim, during the last five years, illegal Palestinian settlements and infrastructure have sprawled across more than 9,000 dunams (9 square km) in more than 250 Area C locations, supported by more than 600 kilometers of illegally constructed access roads and more than 112,000 meters of retaining walls and terracing. This massive works project is being conducted in broad daylight.

Palestinians no longer apply for permits in Area C; they deny Israel’s right to issue them. Now, they just start building, powered by millions of annual euros in joint projects with the EU. more …

Opinion: I have posted Malachi 1:4 a dozen times in the past weeks “They may build but I will throw down” says the Lord God. “They will be called the territory of Wickedness”.

It is now clear that the EU is funding the illegal building bringing another prophecy “I will curse those who curse you” (Genesis 12:3) into view. Some people never learn.

Edom has the support of the nations. I am baffled as to why Israel and the US are standing by while thousands of illegal buildings and access roads that are being constructed in Area C only weeks before the deal of the century is announced.

Two Palestinian groups Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) and The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) are hard at work violating Israeli/ Area C sovereignty and no one seems to care.

Only 1 man has the power to change course, and he has not tweeted a word.

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