Who’s Ready for Another Subprime Real Estate Crash? Joe Biden, That’s Who


PJ Media: Remember the early part of the 21st century, when Washington “helped” poor people by encouraging reckless lending to buy houses?

And remember how the reckless loaning practices made their way up through the middle class?

Remember how we ended up with a massive bubble of bad loans and overpriced housing?

Then remember how millions of people ended up losing everything or at best having their finances ruined for years?

“Wasn’t that awesome?” said no one ever.9 Best Subprime Loans for Bad Credit (Personal, Auto, Home) | BadCredit.org

Biden’s new dilemma: How to slash housing costs for low-income borrowers

When the bubble popped — all bubbles pop — we ended up with the Great Recession and everyone with a lick of sense said, “Let’s never do that again!”

Democrats have not a lick of sense.

To wit:

A long-awaited Supreme Court decision last month gave Biden the ability to remove the Trump-era leader of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, and he wasted no time. The president installed as interim director an agency veteran who says she’ll make affordable housing and combating discrimination a top priority.  Read More