Why Has California Heat Wave Not Sparked Global Warming Hysteria?


Investors Business Daily OP-Ed: Environmentalism: This week, the southwest was hit with an earth-scorching heat wave, with temperatures well above 100 in some areas. Normally that would cause every news organization to trot out “global warming is killing us” stories. But not this time. Maybe they’ve caught on to the fact that the public has tuned out.

It wasn’t long ago when the mainstream press took every opportunity, no matter how weak the connection, to blame bad things on global warming. So far, at least, we haven’t found one major story using the heat wave gripping the southwest to sound the alarm about global warming.

This lack of alarmism has not gone unnoticed. more …

Opinion: Two years ago as Hurricane Irma was heading for Florida, a close friend in the New England area warned me (in a veiled political statement) that storms were getting stronger. I reminded my friend that Hurricane Irma was little more than a puff of wind in comparison to Hurricane Andrew and so many other storms my wife and I survived in the past.

The progressive left, led by the most dishonest president in United States history, had it all planned. The wealth of the US would be redistributed (transferred) to the third world under the Paris Climate accord, as agreed to by the 70 nations of the most dishonest global body in the world, the United Nations.

There is one reason why the left is not screaming about the summer weather – no one cares, the hoax is over …

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… for now.