Why Is the UN Protecting Child Rapists?


The New American: After decades of horrors, somebody has finally decided to “do something.” The United Nations and its “peacekeeping” forces have long been known as a haven for pedophiles, child molesters, and rapists — a place where men willing to put on UN blue helmets can get guns, access to vulnerable children, and even “diplomatic immunity” to protect them from justice for their ghastly crimes.

UN so-called aid workers are also deeply involved, according to top UN officials. Estimates suggest there are some 60,000 sexual abuse victims of UN officials each decade, maybe more. And so far, with the UN protecting the child rapists and abusers from prosecution, very little has been done to deal with the horrifying crisis.

While the UN has recently started to admit that it has a problem, the reality is that the perpetrators are almost all still roaming free. Indeed, many still work for the UN! more …

Opinion: While the world fixates on Weinstein, Moore, Franken and an ever-expanding list of abusers, the UN’s house of sexual horrors of rape, pedophilia and the spread of venereal disease to children as young as 9, has been swept under the UN rug for decades.

While self righteous politicians feign horror at the scandals of candidates across the political aisle, we can barely hear the calls to get out of the UN once and for all.

Imagine what the promise of a bar of soap and some food, or marriage, and the hope of escape from third world hell-holes would be to starving young mothers or young girls? But the ending is always the same. Some girls become pregnant, others may be diseased, the soldiers disappear, and the authorities typically deny, or promise investigations that lead nowhere.

Over the years, one UN secretary general after another has responded with feigned outrage. The Security Council and member states have also expressed their anger. Yet too often, it is directed at the whistleblowers rather than the perpetrators.

On June 7, 2016, UN whistleblower Anders Kompass, director of field operations for the UN human rights office (OHCHR), who exposed the rape of children by peacekeepers in Africa quit his post to protest what he sees as the “complete impunity” of those responsible. (source)

The Dictators Club, a common name for the UN, should be renamed the Club for Abuse.