Why Mike Huckabee’s Holocaust Analogy Hits The Mark



Breitbart: “Huckabee’s implicit reference to the Holocaust – and his statement that President Obama’s Iran deal facilitates a second Holocaust – has driven typical faux outrage from the same left that labeled President Bush a genocidal maniac and labels modern Republicans warmongers who embrace nuclear annihilation.

So, were Huckabee’s comments “appropriate”? Of course they were. They were also factually correct.

Questions of appropriateness routinely ignore the history of both presidential politics and politics in general. In 1964, LBJ infamously accused Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater of facilitating a nuclear holocaust against American children. In 2012, Vice President Joe Biden accused Mitt Romney of wanting to put black people “back in chains.” The Obama campaign accused Mitt Romney of having a man fired, destroying health insurance for both him and his wife, and leaving his wife insuranceless while dying of cancer.”

Opinion: As a former Baptist pastor, I’m guessing that Governor Huckabee was referencing the tribulation period that prophesies severe death and destruction of up to two-thirds of those who enter the 7 year period (Zechariah 13:8-9), but due to political expediency Huckabee stopped short of saying that.

And that is a shame. As a former pastor, he should also know of the Ezekiel 33:1-6 warning about not warning!